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Yaxell ZEN Santoku knife, 37-layers

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Yaxell ZEN Santoku knife, 37-layers

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Valued and traditional Yaxell’s Zen knife is extremely hard from its core, and sharp as a razor. It’s VG-10 core is some of the finest in the world, and the metal’s hardness on the blade is a dashing C61 on the Rockwell scale.

The beautiful knife brings you pure joy while cooking, as well. This knife cuts like a laser.The handle is made of beautiful micarta (laminated fabric). It can withstand water and temperature change. Excellently balanced, so your hand won’t wear out even after longer chopping. Gorgeous, unique forging pattern

The Zen knife is delivered in a classy package. The top quality knife is one of the best ideas for graduation, christmas or wedding present.


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The Japanese Zen knife is made with the traditional layering forging method. The 37- layer core has 18 layers of molybdenum vanadium steel forged on its both sides.

The hardness of the blade is amazing C61 on the Rockwell scale. It means that the blade can be sharpened to a very sharp angle. A regular “market knife” is made of such soft steel, it cannot be sharpened nearly as well - the soft steel that is sharpened too much, will definitely bend in the use.

Each Zen knife is a unique piece of art. The Damascus patterned blade and the forging marks left on it make it a beautiful piece of art.

The handle is produced of micarta, aka laminated fabric, as typical for a high quality Japanese knife. Micarta looks and feels like a classy dark wood, but can withstand high moisture and temperature changes.

Yaxell is one of Japan’s most significant knife manufacturers. They use traditional forging methods that have modern day’s best manufacturing techniques included with them. It’s an honor to the company to continue and develop hundreds of years worth of knife producing traditions and skills.


Since the knife is extremely sharp and made to last, it’s recommended to take good care of its blade. A plastic chopping board’s cuts collect dirt that will blunt the knife, and is nearly impossible to clean off. We have done tests, and found out that the Arcos wood fiber chopping board is proficient to use with it. It doesn’t blunt the blade, but is more hygienic and easier to clean than regular wooden chopping boards (it can also be washed in a washing machine). A great knife needs a proper way to store it, for example a knife magnet that keeps the knives from clashing against each other.

A knife always blunts in the use, so to maintain sharpness, a quick sharpening should be done after every use with a ceramic sharpening stick. When the blade blunts even more or it starts to get little cracks, a perfect sharpening should be made with whetstones. Luckily, the sharpening is easy to done with the right tools. You can read more on the sharpening here.

The Yaxell Zen knife is made of extremely hard and thin metal. That is why it shouldn’t be banged or twisted to any rough materials, such as icy or bony meat. It could cause the blade to break or shatter to pieces.

Wash the knife by hand immediately after use, instead of putting it in the washing machine. Remember to dry off the blade with a towel right after use.


The world’s best and sharpest knives and swords have been forged in Japan for centuries. In fact, the top quality Santoku knife is one of Japanese hand crafting skills crown jewels. If you get it now, you will enjoy it for the rest of your life. You can feel the centuries worth of Japanese traditions by holding the perfectly forged, balanced, finalized, and sharpened Santoku knife. That’s when you will understand the importance of hand crafting skills in kitchenware.

The Japanese knife’s story has its roots in Japan, in the Town of Seki. 780 years ago, the legendary swords’ smith Motoshige move into town and started to produce samurai swords (katana). The city of Seki has since transformed into a cradle of top quality knives. The world’s best knife makers also forge the Zen santoku knives there.

The reason to knife manufacturing skills’ high status in Japan today is rooted about 150 years back. In the year 1876, the Japanese government forbade the Samurais and other citizens to carry  weapons in public. To maintain and continue the forging traditions and their professional skills, the swords’ smith masters transitioned into forging knives, since they could be produced with the same techniques as swords.

It’s no wonder, the quality requirements for kitchen knives rose to such high levels, and due to the Japanese mentality of pursuing perfection, the knives’ quality keeps on developing.

Yaxell Zen is a knife that makes chopping the best part of cooking. Well balanced knife obeys the hand without wearing it out in the use. A proper knife is a good investment, that will always make you happy to be cooking.

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