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Pancake pan De buyer choose size 24/26cm

SKU: EDU5615

Pancake pan De buyer choose size 24/26cm

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De Buyer Mineral B pancake pan is the best choice when you want enjoy the perfect pancakes at home. These pancakes can even stand their ground against the pancakes made on the iron griddle. It’s easy to slide the spatula under the pancake on a low-edged pan, and even a thin pancake is easy to flip.

This De Buyer pancake pan is made of uncoated carbon steel, that develops a natural non-stick surface in the use. It also doesn’t shred any coatings or chemicals into your pancakes.

You can also use this pan on a campfire or on the grill- this durable pan can handle an open fire!

This pan suits any frying that doesn’t require high edges. So with this pan you can also fry steaks, vegetables, eggs, and fish filets! This one won’t just stay in the back of the cabinet, and collect dust.

You should order some Muurikka silava with the pan to get the seasoning right.

This pan has no skeletons in the closet, it’s just actually an excellent product. Buy a genuine French pan with a regular pan’s price.

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A good pancake pan

In order to get the pancakes a beautiful surface, they should be fried on an uncoated pan that distributes the heat evenly all over the pan. One of the best pancake pans is the carbon steel pan that can be used on any heat sources, from induction stove to open fire. Besides a good pancake dough, a good pancake pan is the most important part of making great pancakes. A good pancake pan has low edges and wide enough bottom.

The De Buyer Mineral B pancake pan is available in two different sizes, 24 cm and 26 cm. Also check out the blini pan if you want to make little pancakes.

Size (24 cm / 26 cm)

  • Outer diameter: 24 cm / 26 cm
  • Bottom diameter
  • Height: 1,45 cm / 1,5 cm
  • Wall thickness: 2,5 mm / 2,5 mm
  • Weight: 1,13 kg / 1,133

Salty or sweet

Pancakes can be served as an appetizer, entree, or dessert. By switching out the sides on the pancakes, you can make them a very diverse course. You should try the salty stuffed pancakes (crepes), stuffed within your liking. The stuffing can be made of nearly anything: vegetables, cheeses, meats, etc. With the pancakes, it’s easy to get use out of the leftover ingredients, since with them, the sky is the limit. Of course, the traditional pancakes and ice cream is the quaranteed treat that tastes amazing in the summer, fried in the grill.

Pancake dough

You should use coarse or semi-coarse wheat flour so the dough won’t get lumpy. You can try to replace some of the wheat flour with other kinds of flour. When preparing the dough, it’s important to make sure to give it enough time to rise so it gets the right structure. The most common mistake in frying pancakes is a too hot pan. The pan’s should be fried on the just right temperature that you usually find when frying the first pancake. *A carbon steel pan distributes heat so well that it’s easy to find the right temperature. A crusty and tasty surface needs a lot of grease. The best result comes with traditional butter. Also pay attention to how much dough you use: the pancakes should be made fairly thin. That way, they become crusty, and get a beautiful and tasty “lace edge”.

Mix up all the ingredients in a bowl and let it rise for about a half hour before frying them.

  • 5 dl milk
  • 2 dl flour
  • 2 eggs
  • sprinkle of salt
  • sprinkle of sugar (if you want)

Carbon steel pan and it’s maintenance

A carbon steel pan always needs a seasoning so it creates the non-stick surface. You can read up on the seasoning and the use of the carbon steel pan here.

De Buyer

De Buyer is one of the world’s most valued carbon steel pan manufacturers, whose products are being used by professionals around the world. De Buyer has been producing carbon steel pans in France ever since 1830. The pans are produced in France from recycled metal, so they are extremely long-lasting and ecological.

Instead of a cheap pan, go straight for the world’s best pancake pan! This pan can be used for almost any frying that doesn’t require high edges, so there’s definitely use for this pan!

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