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De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel pan 36cm

SKU: 5610.36

De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel pan 36cm

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De Buyer’s carbon steel pan with a bottom of 32cm is an excellent pan for all cooking, when you are trying to prepare a lot of food at one time. With it, you can fry steaks and sear vegetables for even six people at once.

Bottom diameter: 27,5cm

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  • Outer diameter: 36cm
  • Bottom diameter: 27,5cm
  • Height: 5,1cm
  • Wall thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 3,53kg

Carbon steel pan

Carbon steel pan is the corner stone of every kitchen, and is almost as important of a tool as a chef’s knife. It’s non-stick qualities that only get better with time make it transcendent compared to the teflon pans. The carbon steel pan is also a healthy choice: there is no coating chemicals and materials rubbing off from it into the food, unlike in the teflon pans.

If you value fried surface and taste, the carbon steel pan is the absolute choice. Carbon steel distributes the heat fast and evenly all over the pan. The difference between regular pans and carbon steel pans is like night and day. Carbon steel pan really fries: the ingredients become nice and crusty on the surface, and ground beef really gets seared-not just boiled.

Carbon steel pan is similar to a cast iron pan from its frying features. However, it is noticeably lighter which makes it easy to handle even with less force. The carbon steel also reacts to temperature changes faster than cast iron. Since carbon steel is not as porous material as cast iron, it does not soak up flavors from food while cooking, and is great for cooking proteinaceous ingredients such as eggs and fish.

One of the best qualities of a carbon steel pan is that it basically cannot get ruined. Even a badly kept pan can be fixed up into a practically new pan.

Practically forever lasting, but also affordable pan, that cooks extremely well? Once you’ve bought a carbon steel pan, there is no going back.

Professionals around the globe swear by the carbon steel pan because of its durability and unique features. By purchasing a carbon steel pan you reduce a lot of the unnecessary waste  that comes from bad pans with short duration.

What is a good carbon steel pan?

When choosing a carbon steel pan, you should pay attention to the wall thickness. The thicker the steel, the more durable the product. The De Buyer carbon steel pans are some of the thickest pans on the market, which is why they don’t bend easily. This is often a problem with thinner carbon steel pans. Especially an induction stove’s higher settings can bend a pan, because it gets hit with too fast of a temperature change.  From our collection, you’ll find pans meant for professional use, and challenging home cooking. We have De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel pans from small omelette pans all the way to large, two-handle featured pans. We also carry specialty pans, like blini and wok pans.

De Buyer carbon steel pan

De Buyer has manufactured carbon steel products in France for nearly two centuries. De Buyer has a reputation of being a very respected carbon steel pan manufacturer, and the pans quality and convenience has developed over the years into very high levels. Convenience meets timeless, classic design, and extreme perseverence in the products, and there is no reason why the pans wouldn’t be passed down from generation to generation. Especially the de Buyer carbon steel pans have reached an iconic reputation, and are wanted heirlooms after decades of use - the darker they get, the better the non-stick service. Carbon steel pans price is almost the same as regular, coated market pans. This makes carbon steel pans cheaper in the long run. And it’s not only about saving money - with a good carbon steel pan, cooking is enjoyable.

Carbon steel pan on an induction stove

The de Buyer carbon steel pan is a fantastic pan for an induction stove, gas stove, grill and all other stove types.

Introduction to your carbon steel pan (seasoning)

The carbon steel pans need to be seasoned before the first use, because it creates the base for the non-stick properties.

Start off by washing the pan carefully with warm water, and then drying it off. After this, place the pan on a stove and turn the heat to a medium level. Brush on some grease/ oil, for example linseed oil, and turn the heat up to full power. Hold the pan on the stove until the grease starts to smoke heavily. The pan starts to turn brown. This is when you take the pan off the stove, let it cool, and then wipe off the extra grease with paper. You should repeat this at least 3-4 times, preferably 10-11 times, to gain the perfect non-stick surface. More detailed instructions are found here.

Carbon steel pan maintenance

The carbon steel pan can handle metallic tools, unlike a coated pan. However, the surface of the carbon steel pan should not be scratched with the metallic tools because it temporarily weakens the non-stick features.

If the pan’s surface gets scratched over time or the food starts to stick, the pan can be rubbed with, for example sand paper. After it, the pan should be seasoned again.

If the carbon steel pan’s bottom bends over time, for example in very high temperatures, the pan can be straighten out by turning it over and banging the bottom with a hammer.

Cleaning the carbon steel pan

Always clean your carbon steel pan with just hot water. You must never wash your pan in a dishwasher, and you should never use any detergent. A hot pan should also never be washed with cold water. It can hurt the pan. After the wash, the pan should be carefully dried with paper. Brush on a little oil to stop the pan from rusting.

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