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De Buyer country fry pan 28cm

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De Buyer country fry pan 28cm

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The De Buyer country fry pan is the ideal country fry pan when you are preparing large amounts of potatoes or other vegetables. Its high edges decrease the amount of grease splashing around, and therefore keeps your kitchen cleaner.

De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel country fry pan is completely uncoated so it is a long-term investment that only gets better with age.

This traditional pan designed after the French lyonnaise pan is one of the most diverse kitchen supplies.

With the pan you might want to order some Muurikka silava for the seasoning.

The bottom of the pan is purposely made to concave inwards a little bit, so the bottom won’t swell or start rocking around after the heat makes it expand. Concaving is only good for the pan and does not affect its qualities.

Buy a French quality product that you cannot break, with the price of a regular pan!

To make your pan even more diverse, you can order a class cover for it. This adds, for example, simmering onto the list of things you can do with your pan. You will find the glass cover here.

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De Buyer country fry pan

Unlike coated pans’, the De Buyer carbon steel country fry pan’s non-stick qualities only get better with age. Since the pan is completely uncoated, there will be no chemicals or other materials rubbing off from it.

De Buyer carbon steel pan has 8,5cm tall edges that stop the grease from splashing around. The high edges make it easy to prepare even larger amounts of different ingredients on the pan. With this pan you can both prepare the veggies and add sauce onto them without losing some of the flavor in between changing pans.

It’s no coincidence that the carbon steel pan is the professional’s choice when the cooking is required to have perfect results. The carbon steel’s heat distribution, durability, and non-stick qualities are unbeatable.The carbon steel pan is comparable to a cast iron pan, however it is lighter and reacts quicker to temperature changes. That means the carbon steel pan is easy and pleasant to use.

De Buyer carbon steel pan

De Buyer is a French company that manufactures kitchen supplies. Their products are made to withstand more challenging circumstances. The products bring together convenience and timeless design, with extreme durability that makes the de Buyer products supplies, that last for generations. Especially the de Buyer carbon steel pans have gained an iconic reputation and are wanted heirlooms even after decades of use. This is because their non-stick surface only gets better with age. The carbon steel pans are almost the same price as the regular coated pans, so in the long run it will be cheaper to use a carbon steel pan than a regular one.

Choosing an carbon steel pan

De Buyer’s carbon steel pans are some of the thickest on the market which makes them withstand any kind of heat source excellently. Thinner carbon steel pans might bend especially if used on an induction stove. Our selection has 5 different carbon steel pans, and some specialty pans, like wok and blini pans.

24cm omelette pan has rounded edges that make flipping the omelette easier. This pan is also excellent for making pancakes, or just as a general pan.

28cm pan, our most popular model, is an excellent general pan for preparing just about anything.

32cm pan is accessorized with an extra handle to make it easier to use. This pan is fantastic for cooking for larger groups.

28cm country fry pan is perfect, for example, preparing vegetables. The pan’s high edges stop the grease from splashing around and you are able to cook bigger amounts at once. Works great with sauces, as well.

28cm country fry pan with two handles is identical to the country fry pan, except for the handles. This pan is great, for instance to be used in a grill because it doesn’t have long handles that require room on the sides. Excellent pan to be put straight on the table, for example at a barbeque.

Introduction to your carbon steel pan (seasoning)

The carbon steel pans need to be seasoned before the first use, because it creates the base for the non-stick properties.

Start off by washing the pan carefully with warm water, and then drying it off. After this, place the pan on a stove and turn the heat to a medium level. Brush on some grease/ oil, for example linseed oil, and turn the heat up to full power. Hold the pan on the stove until the grease starts to smoke heavily. The pan starts to turn brown. This is when you take the pan off the stove, let it cool, and then wipe off the extra grease with paper. You should repeat this at least 3-4 times, preferably 10-11 times, to gain the perfect non-stick surface. More detailed instructions are found here.

Mineral B Pro maintenance

The pan can also handle metallic tools, but it’s recommended to use silicon, wooden, or plastic spatulas. This way, you will keep the surface in a top condition.

A badly seasoned surface should be rubbed off with steel wool or sandpaper, and the seasoning should be redone.

If you use very high temperatures with the Mineral B Pro, the bottom may sometimes get twisted. Straighten the bottom out by banging the upside down pan with a hammer.

Cleaning the carbon steel pan

Always clean your carbon steel pan with just hot water. You must never wash your pan in a dishwasher, and you should never use any detergent. A hot pan should also never be washed with cold water. It can hurt the pan. After the wash, the pan should be carefully dried with paper. Brush on a little oil to stop the pan from rusting.

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