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de Buyer Blini Carbon Steel Pan 27cm

SKU: 5612.03

de Buyer Blini Carbon Steel Pan 27cm

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The extremely popular de Buyer Blini Pan allows you to quickly fry up three delicious blinis, fritters or small omelettes. The blini pan is, despite its name, a very versatile carbon steel pan.

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- Diameter: 27 cm
- Height: 1,2 cm
- Weight: 1,11 kg

De Buyer Blini Pan

- Blinis, fritters, small omelettes, pancakes etc
- Perfect, crisp food
- Conducts heat very well
- A life-long combanion with constantly improving nonstick qualities
- Suitable for all heat sources

We also recommend ordering a tube of Muurikka Lard for easy seasoning of the pan.

We recommend using a silicone or plastic-tipped spatula for cooking with this pan in order to maintain the well-seasoned surface of the pan.

The delicate and airy consistensy of blinis can be challenging for the cookware used, which is why the carbon steel blini pan is one of the most important pieces of cookware to choose if you're seeking blini perfection.

Unlike coated nonstick fry pans, the carbon steel only gets better with age. Due to the carbon steel pans being completely free of chemicals and surface coating, your blinis will not end up including anything hazardous.

It's not entirely a coincidence that the carbon steel blini pan is the choice of the professionals seeking perfection in cooking. The pan offers excellent heat distribution, durability and nonstick surface, all of which are essential when seeking to achieve that perfect finish. Carbon steel is comparable to cast iron, but its lighter and quicker to react to temperature changes. Using a carbon steel pan is pleasant and easy.

De Buyer Carbon Steel Fry Pan

De Buyer is a French company that makes various kitchen tools and supplies, designed to last even the most challenging of conditions. The products are practical, but timelessly beautiful and extremely durable, making the de Buyer products those that get passed on from generation to generation as the real treasures of the kitchen. Especially the de Buyer carbon steel pans have gained an iconic reputation around the world, making them desirable pieces to eventually inherit. The darker the surface, the better. The price of the carbon steel pan isn't that much more than the price of your average, surface coated market bought pan, but the carbon steel pan will last forever and ever.

De Buyer Carbon Steel Blini Pan is an excellent choice for the induction burners, but also for cooking with gas or even for the grill.

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SKU 5612.03
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