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Register explanation / Online Store

Register explanation according to the Finnish 10§ of the Personal Data Act (523/99)


Register holder

Online Stores Finland / Edututor Oy

Kannistontie 5

FI-362200 Kangasala


Point of contact in register issues

Ossi Jääskeläinen

010 3226 944

Register name customer register


The purpose of handling the personal data

The register is only used to maintain a customer relationship with the Valmiskauppa and a customer. You do not have to register in order to place an order.

Included information in the register

Customer’s basic information: customer number, last name, first name, address, postal code, post office, phone number, cell phone number, email, order history, and delivery tracking information. A permission given by the customer to send out marketing messages can be saved in the register.

Regulated information sources

Contact information is saved when the customer registers. Other information is saved when the customer shops in the online store.

Regulated release and transfer of the information within the EU or outside the European economic area

The holder of the register will not release any of the information to any outside parties.

Principles of protection of the register

The information system and files of the register holder are protected by the normally used technical protection methods. Licence to the register requires a personal username and password, which will only be admitted to a member of the staff of the register holder, whose position and duties include the licence.

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