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Carbon steel pan Mineral B Pro 32cm

SKU: 5680.32

Carbon steel pan Mineral B Pro 32cm

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With this pan, you can feed a larger group, and fry a larger pack of ground beef, or a few steaks. The pan has an extra handle to make it easier to work with big amounts of food.

Seasoning the pan is easy with Muurikka silava. The pan’s surface stays in best shape if you use plastic or silicon spatulas.

You can order a glass cover with the pan that gives it extra features, like simmering. You can find the cover here.

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Mineral B Pro pan is an investment you should get right away. You will save money environment, and burnt up nerves from working with bent and flaky pans.

Mineral B Pro pan is De Buyer’s top model of carbon steel pans. It has all the great features of the regular Mineral B pan, but with even better handle than before.

The steel Pro handle fits well into your hand and makes using it more comfortable and diverse. Due to the Pro handle, you can use the pan in a hot grill or oven however you choose.

  • Michelin level frying features and heat conductivity.

  • Non-stick qualities get better with age.

  • Doesn’t include any coating that is harmful to your health, and could flake or peel off.

  • If used rightly, can be passed on to your children.

With Mineral B- Pro, or without?

If there is no necessary need for use of a pan in an oven/grill, the choice between Mineral B and Mineral B pro could seem difficult. Mineral B Pro’s shaped stainless steel handle feels better than the regular one to most people, but that is mainly a matter of taste.

Mineral B pan is mainly meant to be used on the stove. Itsepoxycoatedhandle can withstand 200 Celsius degree heat for 10 minutes. That is long enough for example finishing steaks but, in longer use the coating on the handle could be damaged.

Mineral B Pro pan’s steel handle can withstand heat in any cooking related oven or grill use. Mineral B Pro shines for example in preparing different roasted potato food or warm side dishes.

The Mineral B Pro handle is shaped to fit in your hand better. This is a matter of taste but the especially the women love the Pro Handle.

If you are hesitating, go with the Mineral B Pro model: the difference in price is comparatively small consider how long you will be cooking with the same pan.

Mineral B Pro carbon steel pan

Mineral B Pro carbon steel pan’s roasting features are familiar to the Mineral B pan’s. The pan conducts and reserves heat amazingly andwon’t wear down! With this pan, you can literally sautee and roast, and unlike the teflon pan, not boil the meat in its own juices.

Carbon steel pan is very hard to ruin unless you completely ignore it and let it rust. Even the completely failed seasoning can easily be redone. Badly burnt pan can be roughly sandpapered, and it will be as good as new.

The sturdy carbon steel pans are of course heavier than the teflon pans. However light weight pan often equals to a pan that has a short lifespan.

De Buyer’s carbon steel pans are qualified by the Michelin restaurants of the world’s top chefs, but their price fits the wallet of an everyday cook.

De Buyer

De Buyer has been considered one of the world’s most valued carbon steel products’ producer for over a century. The pans quality has developed over the years into very high levels. Even the traditional design continues to be very practical.

Especially the de Buyer carbon steel pans have an iconic reputation, and they are wanted heirlooms. The pan’s story develops along with the darkening seasoned surface.

We are enthusiastic carbon steel mass consumers. Our collection includes all kinds of pans for challenging use: from small blini pans all the way to large country fry panswith two handles. Since every kitchen’s needs are different, we also carry the pancake, omelette, and wok pans.

Suitable stove types

Fits any type of heat source from baking oven to induction stove, from grill to campfire.


  • Outer diameter: 32 cm

  • Height: 4,5 cm

  • Wall thickness: 3mm

  • Weight: 2,9 kg

Mineral B Pro: Guide to start

Carbon steel pan must always be seasoned first.

  1. Wash off the storage grease and wipe the pan dry.

  2. Heat up the pan in middle heat and brush on some  oil/grease.

  3. Pick up the heat so that the pan starts to smoke and darken slowly.

  4. Let the pan darken for about 1-2 minutes. Wipe and cool off the pan.

  5. Repeat 3-4 times. Best results come after even 10 times!

When the bottom isbrown,let the pan cool down and wipe off the extra grease. Repeat the process: 3-4 times is enough for good results but the best results could take even 10-11 repeats. Here you’ll find further instructions for seasoning.

Mineral B Pro maintenance

The pan can also handle metallic tools, but it’s recommended to use silicon, wooden, or plastic spatulas. This way you will keep the surface always in top condition.

A badly seasoned surface should be rubbed off with steel wool or sandpaper, and the seasoning should be redone.

If you use very high temperatures with the Mineral B Pro, the bottom may sometimes get twisted. Straighten the bottom out by banging the upside down pan with a hammer.

Mineral B Pro cleaning

Wash the Mineral B Pro pan by hand and with just hot water. Food that is stuck on the pan can be brushed of with a sponge or soapy steel wool.

Don’t drop cold water on a hot pan, because the pan may bend.

Dry the carbon steel pan with paper or with the after heat of the stove always after the wash, and rub some food oil on it so it won’t rust. This way you will enjoy your Mineral B Pro pan year after year.

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