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Carbon steel pan De Buyer 28 cm

SKU: EDU5610.28

Carbon steel pan De Buyer 28 cm

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SUPER POPULAR 28 cm model is a forever lasting, gets better with use, but is also a cheap pan that fries excellently - all true. Once you’ve bought a carbon steel pan, there is no turning back.

“ Such a good pan, it’s a shame, it’s not possible to be cooking all the time.” - Hermanni

You should also order some Muurikka silava with the pan, so you can succesfully season your pan.

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A French super classic praised by the whole cooking world. Besides the unbeatable frying features, the de Buyer’s carbon steel pan is practically eternal.

  • The non-stick features improve constantly with use.
  • Carbon steel pan doesn’t include any harmful coatings that could end up in your digestive system, unlike the teflon pan.
  • Suitable for all stoves.

A forever lasting, gets better with use, but is also a cheap pan that fries excellently - all true. Once you’ve bought a carbon steel pan, there is no turning back.

You should also order some Muurikka silava with the pan, so you can succesfully season your pan.

The carbon steel pan’s non-stick surface stays in top condition, if you use our favorite Kuchenprofi spatula.

You should also order a glass cover for the pan, because it gives the pan many extra qualities, such as simmering. You can find the cover here.

Attention: More information on the carbon steel pan below.

Diameter 28 cm, bottom diameter 20 cm

Our customer says:

Hello Ville,

You sold me a great pan (28 cm de Buyer)! At first, I seasoned my pan with duck grease, and then with cold-pressed rapeseed oil. I thought the last one was better. It was a little though to get the pan heat up evenly, so the grease charred from the middle. Then, I tried to warm the pan only from the edges on a small stove. It worked perfectly. Now I can fry an egg as easily as I could with a teflon pan. And I won’t trade back. I threw out all my teflon pans. I still have one teflon wok pan. Once it darkens, I will order a carbon steel pan to replace it.

  • Esa


  • Outer diameter: 28 cm
  • Bottom diameter: 20 cm
  • Height: 4 cm
  • Wall thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 2,15 kg

Carbon steel pan

Carbon steel pan is one of the most important cornerstones of every kitchen. If a good Japanese kitchen knife is the king of cooking tools, the carbon steel pan is definitely the queen.

Carbon steel pan, why?

Carbon steel pan’s frying features are unbeatable compared to teflon pans.

The carbon steel pan’s advantages aren’t limited to the amazing frying features, but it’s also a healthy choice. Teflon pans often have hazardous coating chemicals and materials that travel into your digestive system with food. A carbon steel pan doesn’t have them. Instead, the only thing that might rub off from it into your food, is iron, which is completely natural, and necessary to your body.

Carbon steel reserves and conducts heat excellently. Ground beef browns, and doesn’t boil, unlike when frying with many other pans. Closing the surface of meat and steaks is easy. Proper pan is necessary, because every steak wasted on a bad pan is too much.

One of the best things about a carbon steel pan is that it practically cannot get ruined. Even a badly maintained pan can easily be fixed up.

Professionals around the world count on the de Buyer carbon steel pans, and their amazing qualities. By switching to a carbon steel pan, you are reducing the waste load that comes from the pans that don’t last long.

Carbon steel pan vs. Cast iron?

Carbon steel pan’s frying features are similar to those of a cast iron pan. The cast iron pan’s problem is its heavy weight. A carbon steel pan is noticeably lighter than a cast iron pan, and therefore easier to deal with. Cast iron can also break when it falls.

The porous cast iron pan also easily soaks in flavors from the food. A carbon steel pan is a better choice for preparing proteinaceous egg and fish foods.

What is a good carbon steel pan?

When choosing a carbon steel pan, you should pay attention to the wall thickness. The thicker the steel, the more durable the product. The De Buyer carbon steel pans are some of the thickest pans on the market, which is why they don’t bend easily. This is often a problem with thinner carbon steel pans.

From our collection, you’ll find pans meant for professional use, and for challenging home cooking. We have De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel pans from small omelette pans all the way to large, two-handle featured pans. We also carry specialty pans, like blini and wok pans.

De Buyer Carbon steel pan

An over hundred years old De Buyer is one of the world’s most respected carbon steel products’ manufacturer. De Buyer’s pans quality has risen to very high levels over the years. The products bring together practicality and traditional desing. Especially the de Buyer carbon steel pans have reached an iconic reputation, and are wanted heirlooms after decades of use - the darker they get, the better the non-stick feature. Carbon steel pans price is almost the same as regular, coated market pans. This makes carbon steel pans cheaper in the long run. And it’s not only about saving money - with a good carbon steel pan, cooking is enjoyable.

Different stove types

De Buyer carbon steel pan fits together with all stove types. It is an excellent pan for an induction stove, gas stove, or grill. You should avoid the highest settings when using an induction stove. This way, the pan doesn’t bend, and the frying temperature doesn’t rise too high.

Introduction to your carbon steel pan (seasoning)

The carbon steel pans need to be seasoned before the first use, because it creates the base for the non-stick properties.

Start off by washing the pan carefully with warm water, and then drying it off. After this, place the pan on a stove and turn the heat to a medium level. Brush on some grease/ oil, for example linseed oil, and turn the heat up to full power. Hold the pan on the stove until the grease starts to smoke heavily. The pan starts to turn brown. This is when you take the pan off the stove, let it cool, and then wipe off the extra grease with paper. You should repeat this at least 3-4 times, preferably 10-11 times, to gain the perfect non-stick surface. More detailed instructions are found here.

Carbon steel pan’s maintenance

Unlike a coated pan, the carbon steel pan can handle metallic tools. If possible, it is still recommended to use silicon, wooden, or plastic spatulas. This way, the seasoned surface stays in best possible condition.

If the seasoned surface goes bad, the pan’s bottom can be rubbed with sandpapered, and the seasoning done again.

The pan’s bottom can bend a little, if it’s used with too high temperatures. It can be, however, straightened out by banging an upside down pan with hammer.

Mineral B Pro cleaning

Wash the Mineral B Pro pan by hand and with just hot water. Food that is stuck on the pan can be brushed of with a sponge or soapy steel wool.

Don’t drop cold water on a hot pan, because the pan may bend.

Dry the carbon steel pan with paper or with the after heat of the stove always after the wash, and rub some food oil on it so it won’t rust. This way you will enjoy your Mineral B Pro pan year after year.

By purchasing a proper pan, you will enjoy cooking for the rest of your life. You will save plenty of money, environment, and broken nerves from working with bent and flaky teflon pans.

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