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Our story


Our story started in 2014, when I started planning construction for a summer house to my late grandfather’s home.I wanted a summer house where, considering space and stuff, there was everything you could need, and yet not too much. Eventually the summer house became a 34 m2 modern second home to a family of four. I got left with 2,5 meters of room for kitchen cabinets, in which I would have to put everything necessary- from fridge to stove and oven.


At home I went through all the drawers, and took out every tool and object. One by one I went through them and thought, have I used it and if i have, when. I also thought about if it could be replaced with some other tool.


I came to the realization, that most of the hundreds of tools that I had collected over the years, had no purpose whatsoever. The basic tools that I could use for even more challenging dishes covered about 30 different tools out of all of them.


Once I had collected before me everything I deemed necessary, I started to wonder if these tools represented timeless, sturdy, and the best quality. For most of them I figured, there was better out there.



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